Our Mission

After organizing and working over 400 Corporate and marketing mobile Chair Massage Events around the Denver area, the founder of Seated Serenity noticed something important- chair massage companies focusing more on product sales and setting up appointments and plans... instead of just focusing on providing the EXPERIENCE of a chair massage event!

Out of that observation came a company you can count on- Seated Serenity LLC.

We make it our mission to set up and provide that stress-free no-pressure experience. To provide those breaks of Serenity and "disconnect" from life and work stress, and immerse each client in a full relaxation experience, without having to leave the home or office!

It is our goal to go where people need us most, and do what we do best! That's it!

Unlike many other chair massage companies, we hand pick each therapist we use, too, and take the time to get to know them and their massage/personality style personally.

In this way, we can find the best fit for your group and personalize each event for the culture your team already has.

Weddings, Groups, Companies, Events . . . whatever it is, our skilled team of Massage Therapists has your back!

Our Staff

The Therapists

The Seated Serenity team consists of a group of over 40 (and growing) highly trained and skilled Licensed Massage Therapists from around the Denver area.

All of our therapists are certified to practice in the state of Colorado, are fully insured with Liability coverage, and trained to work with the latest techniques in massage.

We have therapists of both genders, and can accommodate most special requests or restrictions your group might have!

Each therapist working with us is excited to be a part of what we do, and we make sure THEY are kept as happy as YOUR team will be (after we come in!)


Seated Serenity LLC was founded by D. Roscoe James LMT ("Roscoe") in Denver back in 2017. He is still contributing to the daily function of the business, so you might speak or even work with him directly!

Mr. James grew up near Kansas City MO and first attended the Harrison College of Business in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, studying Business Management and Administration before moving on to attend the Denver School of Massage Therapy in Westminster, Colorado. 


Roscoe has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for several years, and lived in Denver the entirety of his Massage career. He has primarily focused his efforts on arranging and executing mobile massage events for groups and offices around the Denver area, and worked/arranged hundreds of events before even starting Seated Serenity to try and bring his love of Chair Massage to you!

Workplace stress costs the nation more than $300 billion each year in health care, missed work, and stress reduction efforts.
            -American Institute of Stress

Stress is responsible for creating 60% of the cost of workplace accidents


-American Institute of Chrysalis Performance Strategies

Companies with health and wellness programs report the following:

28% less sick leave, 26% less direct health care costs, and 30% reduction in workers’ comp and disability costs.


Service Area

Up to 35 Miles from our home zip code is included in our basic travel package, which encompasses the greater Denver area, and after 35 miles, a mileage fee for travel will apply for Events. ($0.30/mile and applicable lodging fees if over 2.5 hours' drive.)


Some common areas we travel to for massage events:

  • Aurora

  • Brighton

  • Broomfield

  • Cherry Creek

  • Commerce City 

  • Denver

  • Denver Metro / Downtown Denver

  • Denver Tech Center (DTC)

  • Denver West

  • Glendale

  • Golden

  • Lakewood

  • Littleton

  • Louisville

  • Thornton

  • Westminster


*and the list goes on!

Service Area

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