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A group of friends and I were in Denver, CO for the weekend. We went to a concert Friday night at Red Rocks and were looking for a fun, relaxing day on Saturday. A friend of mine suggested getting massages from Seated Serenity! It was beyond perfect! We called them up. One of their massage therapists came to our Air Bnb and gave all of us chair massages. It was exactly what we all needed. We are back home now, wishing we were still in Denver so we could have them over again. I would definitely recommend them for any type of event.                                                                                                                                                               Brittany R.
"The Seated Serenity team did a great job providing a day of massages for my staff! Great bedside manner and very relaxing. Thanks!"
                                                                -Noah T. (May 2018)
"Wonderful experience and stress-free booking!"
                                                             -Anne W. (June 2018)
                    -Olivia D. (Nov 2017)
"Roscoe is the best. Our whole group felt great and relaxed for a great price! Will definitely be using his services in the future."
                                                                 -Adam B. (May 2018)
"I had a fabulous massage yesterday at Converge Denver. The therapist really loosened my neck and shoulders. I would use this company again!"
                                                                 -Arikka J. (June 2018)
". . . Definitely hit this company up!  We are so impressed, delighted and just wish we could've had them longer. . .
Won't be the last time we see them!! I've never seen my coworkers so happy before! "
                                        -Keta B. (Dec. 2017)

"This was one of the best 10 min of my life! I have had a
few chair massages but this one was hands down AMAZING! I felt great all day!."
                                                                                                      -Johanna S. (March 2018)
"Totally legit and definitely relaxing!!
5 stars!!!!"
                                            -Alex R. (Nov. 2017)

"Awesome and professional"
                    -Fayaz A. (March 2018)
"Great Service, highly recommend."
                                    -Tracy S. (Feb. 2018)
"Roscoe was so chill. He made everyone feel so relaxed and he was so friendly! . . . the best part was that we didn’t even have to leave our house! Definitely do it!"
-Jaime T. (Nov. 2017)


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