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Wedding Services

-Bridal Showers/Bachelorette or Bachelor Parties

-As the group gets ready the "Morning Of"

-For guests and family at the reception

-Massages for Mom and Dad the next morning

-ANYWHERE someone might be stressed

How stressful is it to plan and execute a wedding? We all know the answer: VERY.

Our trained and practiced team of Chair Massage Therapists are used to relaxing otherwise stressed individuals- it is essentially what we do for a living!

We can put our skills to work for any part of your big day, and provide relaxation and stress relief to those that need it most, WHEN they need it most.

We guarantee you’ll feel better and more relaxed getting up than you did sitting down, and who wouldn't want that extra boost on the happiest and most stressful day of their lives!

We can coordinate with you or whoever sets the day-of schedule for your event.


2 hours of event massage work is the minimum for your special day- so you can even get the whole family in on the relaxation!


Wherever you need us, when you need us.


Up to 35 Miles of travel from us is included in intro package!


*For more remote locations, by-the-mile and/or hotel/travel rates will apply.


If you use our services for ANY other part of your wedding, you get your Reception rates 25% off!


For many more ideas of how useful Chair Massage can be on your big day, see our blog post.

"Stress Relief" could be the most valuable investment you could make for your Big Day

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