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Massage and Your Wedding, Walking Hand in Hand!

Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding before knows that it is one of the most exciting times of a couple’s life! Do you know what else it has the tendency to be? Stressful. Oh and yeah, expensive. Of course, you want the day to go perfect. For that to happen, there has to be countless meetings, a billion and one details to iron out and a budget—an ever-changing budget. That can lead to all kinds of things to figure out, all sorts of negotiating and sometimes even a few sleepless nights. When you’re in the process of making wedding day preparations, it’s important to determine what’s an expense vs. what’s an actual investment. And, if there’s one thing that is a wise investment when it comes to

5 Ways to De-Stress Your Employees and Co-Workers for the Start of the New Year!

Well Denver, we’ve reached the end of the 4th working quarter again. Before we say hello to 2018, though, it’s time to shake off all the stress and worries 2017 has brought us! After all, there’s no better way to start the New Year than with a fresh and stress-free mind! Workplace and job/career issues have always been one of the most common causes of stress in American life. Whether it’s because of internal conflicts, boring routine, or just that pesky Susan in the next cubicle- it’s inevitable. Luckily, job stress is a problem that can be resolved in many ways. Here are 5 ideas any organization could use to start 2018 right with their staff or co-workers. For as we all know- happy workers

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