Corporate Chair Massage: The What & Why

Corporate Chair Massages - What are they, and why are they good for my company?

We’ve heard the question often, and the answer is one that could both improve your company’s bottom line and make you the hero of the office, if you decide to bring the idea to the table.

What Is A Corporate Chair Massage Event?

To understand that, first we must assume that you know what a "normal" massage is.

If not, here’s the basics: You go in to a location, you get taken back into a room, you get undressed and hop under the sheets on a bed, and then a Massage Therapist comes back into the room and therapeutically kneads and works the muscles of your body, usually using lotion, for about an hour or more. It’s relaxing, it’s great.

A “chair massage” is essentially the same thing... only quite different.

Corporate Chair Massages are massages, but they are short sessions. They are typically 10-15 minutes in length, per participant, and the massage is done completely clothed.

Being clothed makes it possible for the therapists to work on several people in an hour’s time, since no undressing is necessary, and it takes little time to get on and off the chair and change participants. Since several therapists can share a space if everyone is clothed, working on any size group is possible with multiple therapists, if needed.

Staying dressed also makes it possible for the massages to be done in an open or public setting, which makes it ideal for getting bodywork in a work or office space.

Same effects as going to the spa, less to worry about, and more chances for your team to get the help they need-without even leaving the office!

Workplace massages are performed in a special massage chair designed to be comfortable to sit in while still leaving the participant’s entire back and neck open to be massaged. This chair is lightweight, can be brought on-site, and takes up about the same space as a normal office chair - so no matter what size space you have available, a chair massage can probably be set up in it.

To start setting up a chair massage event, you would only need to know how many people are in your group or office, and the rest of the details can be worked out from there.

Once contacted, a representative from Seated Serenity LLC will ask a couple questions of you and get a better picture of your group’s exact needs for your event, figure out a date and time that works for you, then make an online sign up and send it over to be printed or distributed via email. Some events won’t need a sign up sheet at all, it all depends on your needs!

Then a Massage Therapist shows up at your location at the agreed-upon time and gives everyone on-site chair massages. Simple as that!

The beauty is that no two chair events are the same, and oftentimes the amount of expected interest fluctuates as the date approaches. No need to feel apprehensive at all about asking for a couple different quotes and to figure out the best fit for your group. The plan and times often change as the event closes in, we’ve done this enough times to know that, so don’t sweat it if you don’t yet know EXACTLY how much interest there ACTUALLY is. You can’t read minds - and no one should expect you to!

Why Should We Have A Corporate Chair Massage Event At Our Company?

If the question is “why” a group of productive employees would benefit from regular workplace massage events, (besides you becoming a rock star for bringing it in for them), the answer boils down to one thing: the company’s bottom line.

As a company considering Corporate Chair Massage Events, the event should be viewed as an "investment" toward your bottom li