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Chair Massage & Your Wedding: A Match Made in Heaven!

As you look ahead at your big day and really start thinking about the mountains of details, beyond that initial spark of initial excitement, you probably feel like you’re almost drowning in all the possible components of the plan. Even simple wedding ceremonies can take a good amount of planning and consideration- all making sure your vision comes to fruition just as you planned it. Even more stressful, every new facet of your wedding you consider seems to stem 5 more things to add to your list, each with its own steps you need to take to make it happen. Soon what was a list of 50 “to-dos” becomes 200 “to-dos” the more you roll through the details in your head. 200 “to-dos“ really equates to

Pregnancy and Chair Massage: What You Need to Know

Can I Get A Chair Massage While Pregnant? It is a common question that usually has the same simple answer: yes! In most cases, getting any form of light-pressure massage while pregnant will produce only positive results. Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy reduces anxiety, decreases symptoms of depression, relieves muscle aches and joint pains, and improves labor and newborn health. (1.) Some special circumstances, like a “high risk” pregnancy, could make getting a massage while pregnant ill-advised, and, in general, if there are any adverse health conditions that have become associated with the pregnancy, it is generally a good idea to consult with a doctor befo

Corporate Chair Massage: The What & Why

Corporate Chair Massages - What are they, and why are they good for my company? We’ve heard the question often, and the answer is one that could both improve your company’s bottom line and make you the hero of the office, if you decide to bring the idea to the table. What Is A Corporate Chair Massage Event? To understand that, first we must assume that you know what a "normal" massage is. If not, here’s the basics: You go in to a location, you get taken back into a room, you get undressed and hop under the sheets on a bed, and then a Massage Therapist comes back into the room and therapeutically kneads and works the muscles of your body, usually using lotion, for about an hour or more. It’s

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