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How a Couples Massage Class Will Spark Magic Into Your Relationship!

Relationships are beautiful- but anyone who’s been in one knows that they’re also a lot of work.

Between juggling work schedules, paying bills and raising children (if you have any), it can be really challenging to find quality time for you and your partner. If you don’t make one another a priority, the stress and strain of everyday life can start to take its toll on your communication and your intimacy.

This is where massage can help!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Seated Serenity LLC: A Denver Chair Massage Company will be offering a series of workshops open to the public titled “Couples Massage 101”!

In these 1-part workshops, they will be providing three-hours of both experienced massage instruction to help improve massage techniques and longevity, and (here’s where the fun part comes in!) guided hands-on exercises, including ending with a guided massage trade with all you’ve learned!

Everyone will receive a quality massage by the end of the night!

If you’ve always wanted to receive an unforgettable massage at home but money has been tight, or you’ve wanted to give your partner some work and never knew where to start, (or maybe your partner just can’t give as long of a massage as YOU’D like..) Couples Massage 101 is just what you’ve been looking for—even if you didn’t know it!

How Massaging Each Other Can Benefit Your Relationship

Aside from the fact that there are countless physical benefits that come from receiving massage therapy (including the alleviation of headaches, anxiety, joint and muscle pain and insomnia), there are many studies to support that it can do wonders for your emotional health and well-being too.

How? Massages are able to relieve your body of stress and stressors. The more relaxed you are, the calmer you are. The calmer you are, the more peaceful you feel. And that improves everything around you—including your relationship.

That alone can work wonders on a home environment, but there are even more ways massage can bring you and yours closer together.

It Lets You Share That Much Needed Relax Time

Sure, who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend at a spa?

If you lead a busy life, that’s likely not something you can set aside the time or money for, though.

Even if you do, the spa might not provide the relaxation you can only find in the comfort of your own home. A time-efficient way both partners can both flush out the stress of the day, together, would be to light a few scented candles, turn on some soft music, and give each other a massage.

It can be one of the best ways to shut the world out as you focus on nothing but each other, if you know how to do it correctly. Plus, because you’ll both know how to massage one another properly, it can result in your oxytocin (a natural hormone known as “the love hormone) levels increasing and your energies connecting in some very powerful and unexpected ways. That level of connection you both feel toward each other will only strengthen the more you practice massage techniques on one another.

It Encourages Deep Breathing Techniques

Aside from yoga and meditation, nothing teaches you how to deep breathe better than both giving receiving a massage.

As tension leaves your body, you’re able to recharge your respiratory system. The more oxygen your organs and cells get, the quicker toxins are able to remove themselves.

As we go through our lives, we constantly encounter stressors that can get us “wound up”, many of which can come from our significant others (at points.) Sharing a life together is never easy, but knowing how to share moments of relaxation and practicing regular breath regulation can bring a sense of calm to any situation you both might encounter. Practicing these techniques as a couple can only strengthen your resolve against the many problems the world might throw at you both, together.

You Can Learn More About What Your Partner Likes

Yes, you’re in love. But you’re still unique individuals!

Another great benefit of participating in a couples massage workshop is that as you learn how to customize your massages to suit each other’s specific needs, you learn more about your partner and their personal preferences, and practice how to communicate such details.

It’s a lot like the mattress commercials you see on television when both side of the bed are individually adjustable. The couples are in the same bed, but since everyone is different, each can tailor their side to make it comfortable for them. Couples massages can be very similar, in that no “one size fits all”, and adjustments can always be made. The only difference is that the other partner is holding the "remote". At the workshop, they’ll be teaching several techniques on what to do how to adjust this pressure. By the time you leave, you and your partner will be able to customize each massage so that you both feel total serenity when you go home and practice what you’ve learned.

It Saves Money—BIG TIME!

While there’s nothing like getting a massage from a licensed professional, taking some classes from one is the next best thing! After leaving the three-hour course, you’ll have enough tips and tricks so that whenever you and/or yours wants a massage—you’ll both know how to give one. Free of charge.

We could write an entire book about all of the reasons why it benefits couples to not only get massages together, but learn how to provide them to one another. Beyond financial and time reasons, the ability to work on each other in the long run will only encourage support and communication as your relationship continues to grow.

In the short run, though, as Valentine’s Day closes in next month and you’re pondering over what you can do for your sweetheart that is both romantic and a little outside of the box, (and affordable,) you should consider attending one of the five dates and times of “Couples Massage 101”!

Get your tickets today before they are all gone, see what Couples Massage 101 can do for you and yours!

Tickets can be found here:

©Shellie R. Warren/2018

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