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Massage and Your Wedding, Walking Hand in Hand!

Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding before knows that it is one of the most exciting times of a couple’s life!

Do you know what else it has the tendency to be? Stressful. Oh and yeah, expensive.

Of course, you want the day to go perfect. For that to happen, there has to be countless meetings, a billion and one details to iron out and a budget—an ever-changing budget. That can lead to all kinds of things to figure out, all sorts of negotiating and sometimes even a few sleepless nights.

When you’re in the process of making wedding day preparations, it’s important to determine what’s an expense vs. what’s an actual investment. And, if there’s one thing that is a wise investment when it comes to making sure that your mind, body and spirit enjoys every bit of your wedding day, it would be getting a massage for yourself. Quite possibly even providing it for your guests, your bridal party, and your close family members too.

Although there are countless documented health benefits that come with getting a massage (we’ll get into those in just a moment), unfortunately many people still see massages as a luxury more than a necessity. But the reality is that one of the quickest and most effective ways to deal with tension, anxiety and all of the roller coaster of emotions that are so common on your special day is to make getting a message a top priority.


To say that preparing for a wedding is stressful is quite the understatement. The reason why a massage (preferably the week before and even right before the wedding night too) is a wonderful idea for the couple is because massages are medically-proven to decrease one’s heart rate and blood pressure, ease the headaches that are associate with anxiety, calm the nervous system, promote relaxation while at the same time offer a boost of energy (without the need for caffeine), and even encourage sound sleep (something a couple desperately needs the night before the wedding!)


In a perfect world, even if the couple getting married feels like they are slightly “losing it” in the hours leading up to their day, the bridal party will remain cool, calm and collected. However, anyone who has gotten married before knows this usually isn’t the case; especially if certain members of the bridal party are also family members. Usually, they also experience the high-and-low combo of being both anxious and really excited. So, in much of the same way that a massage can help the couple, it can benefit their bridal party too (even if it’s not offering a full-body massage but reflexology or a head, neck and shoulder one).

Another bonus is since massages are able to reduce muscle tension and body inflammation while increasing one’s range of motion and flexibility, getting a massage can make standing at the ceremony (especially if the bridesmaids are wearing high heels) and dancing for hours at the reception so much easier—and comfortable—to do!


Here’s something you probably never considered before: How awesome would it be to have a couple of mobile massage therapists available at your wedding reception? When you think of the benefits we’ve shared so far, you probably know your guests would both benefit from and probably love to get a quick massage right after dinner or in between dances. It will be just the pick-me-up that they need and such an unexpected addition to your day! Your reception will be made even more memorable to your guests with a Massage Therapist there.


Family members of the couple can also benefit from having a massage within 48-hours of the ceremony. Between the wear and tear of travel, not sleeping in their own bedroom and also processing the emotions of the big day, a massage can put them into a very tranquil state.

But there’s more. If anyone in the family has been diagnosed with cancer, fibromyalgia, migraines or any other form of chronic pain, massages have been proven to significantly decrease any discomfort associated with these health issues.

If there are senior family members who may be dealing with the symptoms that are associated with joint discomfort or arthritis, massages reduce inflammation. Even if you have a loved one who’s been diagnosed with dementia, massages are able to encourage physical relaxation while reducing their predisposition for agitation; it also promotes mental stability.

Also, anyone who’s been traveling with an infant and/or toddler, they can benefit by getting their little one a massage as well. That’s because massages have the ability to improve a baby’s body circulation and digestion and even relieve teething pain (a happy baby means a quiet one during the ceremony!).


Another option is to offer a gift certificate as a thank-you gift to your wedding party, your wedding planner or maybe even to your officiant and their spouse. The ones who helped to make your day go more smoothly, reward them with a way to relax.

As you can see, getting (or offering) a massage for your wedding day is the ultimate gift. It’s practical, highly-beneficial and extremely thoughtful. And, it’s something that people of all ages can enjoy.

We hope you’ll consider getting one—at the very least, for you and yours. Both of you have certainly earned it!

©Shellie R. Warren/2017


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